Vaxess Technologies: National Science Foundation Awards follow-on funding for development of highly effective vaccines via sustained release microneedles

SBIR Supplemental funding will advance development of MIMIX™ sustained release platform

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts—October 4th, 2018 — Vaxess Technologies, Inc., an innovative life sciences company developing novel stabilization and delivery technologies, was awarded highly competitive supplemental funding in the context of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Funding totaling $650,000 will go toward the further advancement of MIMIX™, a novel sustained-release vaccine delivery system enabling more effective, shelf-stable vaccines.
NSF funding was awarded following the successful achievement of SBIR phase II milestones, including the development of a broadly protective, sustained-release influenza vaccine on the MIMIX™ platform, which is now advancing to pre-clinical development. The additional funding will support the advancement of follow-on products on the MIMIX™ platform, including mRNA vaccines.
“Building on the success of the Phase II program, we will continue the development of highly effective vaccines with our novel sustained release MIMIX™ platform to improve global vaccine coverage,” said Vaxess Vice President of Policy and Strategy Livio Valenti. “NSF funds are critical for the advancement of the MIMIX™ sustained release platform and its extension to several additional high-potential vaccine targets”.
About Vaxess Technologies
Vaxess Technologies is advancing several vaccine targets toward clinical development using its proprietary MIMIX™ sustained release platform. Vaxess has combined venture capital funding with grants and pharmaceutical partnerships to build a pipeline of vaccines and other products that are more effective and distributed without refrigeration.
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1 Vaxess Technologies: National Science Foundation Awards Follow-on Funding for Development of Highly Effective Vaccines via Sustained Release Microneedles